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BrickFunding, the platform specialised in crowdfunding investment platforms.

What is BrickFunding?

BrickFunding is a search engine for investment opportunities in real estate crowdfunding.

BrickFunding brings together in a single portal all the real estate crowdfunding projects publicly available on the Internet, allowing a global investor to track the international market in search of the best investment opportunities in the world's major cities.

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How does it work?

All you have to do is enter the type of investment you are looking for, the type of property you want to invest in or the city you have thought of, and with a click you will obtain a list of the most relevant projects for you. In this way you will save time and effort, as you will search on a single website among the numerous existing real estate crowdfunding platforms. Thus, BrickFunding facilitates the investment process in real estate crowdfunding, providing information and transparency.

Once you have chosen the project that best suits your investor profile, we will refer you to the platform so that you can formalise the investment with them. It's as simple as that!

Advantages and benefits for crowdfunding investors

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We are an independent trusted third party. We do not participate in any of the platforms we list, nor do we have an economic interest in them. In fact, we do not charge you for listing your investment opportunities with us and corwdinvesting platforms can use our API for free.

Analysis and Information

We offer you quality information, with a card for each investment platform in which you can consult the basic information about it, its presence in networks and its investment opportunities. With the information provided by the platforms and through agreements with third party services, which provide us with independent information, we carry out an analysis and elaborate our BrickRanking.

And to complete the information we offer you articles and interviews in our blog. And if you have any doubt you can consult our crowdfunding dictionary.

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A community of investors who share their investment experiences will be able to make better decisions. And that's why we invite you to rate those platforms you've invested in.

At BrickFunding we believe in collaborative work and are therefore strong defenders of crowdsourcing. Participate and share your experience as an investor and benefit from the knowledge of our investor community.


Check from a single website, all projects and crowdinvesting platforms (lending, equity and crypto). We show you the information grouped by country and by crowdfunding type, to make it easier for you to compare the different platforms and their investment opportunities.

At BrickFunding we believe in collaborative work and are therefore strong defenders of crowdsourcing. Participate and share your experience as an investor and benefit from the knowledge of our investor community.

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One Newsletter

Forget about receiving many emails from the different platforms on which you are registered. Sign up for the BrickFunding newsletter and you will receive a single weekly newsletter with a summary of the articles and new investment opportunities available from your favorite platforms.

Stay up to date


Keep up to date with the latest news and articles on real estate crowdfunding. Register in our newsletter and receive in your mail articles and information on platforms of your interest.

Coming Soon

At BrickFunding we want to make the investment process even easier for you and that's why we work hard to offer you new features every day and to be able to show you more and better information.

In addition, you have asked us to invest directly from our website, so we have started the process to move from being the information portal specializing in crowdinvesting, to be a marketplace from which you can invest directly in the opportunities listed.

The legal requirements to be able to offer you to invest with the maximum guarantees, require numerous procedures, as well as an important technological development, and thus to obtain a Financial License. We recommend that you sign up for our newsletter and/or register on our website and we will inform you as soon as we can invest directly from our website.

In the meantime, we'll tell you about the steps we're taking and the next features we'll incorporate:

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Finance Licence

In order to be able to offer the maximum legal guarantees to our investors, we have initiated the procedures to obtain a Financial license, legally registered and supervised by the corresponding regulator. Although our lawyers have yet to study the structure and definitive legal form, we are working to obtain the following licenses:

  • Financial Institution
  • CryptoTrader
  • CryptoWallet
  • Fund Manager
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Tokenization of Assets

We are already developing and implementing the necessary technological infrastructure for the creation of a system capable of managing the tokenization of crowdfunding assets. The resulting technological platform will offer the characteristics of a secondary market. In that way, transactions can be carried out between investors through tokenization. All this will be technologically supported by a distributed registration system (DLT - Blockchain), guaranteeing the security of the information.

And for this we propose the use of two different technologies depending on the type of investment proposed in the platform:

      One by one Tokens – based on HyperLedger: to invest individually in the opportunities we list.
      Security Token Offering – based on ERC-20: to invest in a pooled way in a tokenized investment vehicle that collectively invests the different opportunities that we list as an investment fund.
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Tokenized Investment Fund

In line with obtaining the authorization as "fund manager" we are working on the creation of a legally constituted and registered investment fund that will invest in the best investment opportunities in crowdfunding. The shares of this fund will be tokenized and can be traded on BrickFunding and any other exchange.

Thus, you can benefit from BrickFunding's experience and knowledge in alternative investment, who will select the best projects for you and manage a diversified portfolio.

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Portfolio Management

Finally, thanks to asset tokenisation, we will offer you the option of centralising and managing your investment portfolio from a single website. Invest in any platform or access the secondary market to buy and sell shares at the best price.

Be a smart investor and take advantage of the benefits offered by new technologies to invest in crowdfunding.

FAQ's for investors:

    • Yes, BrickFunding is a free service for all users
    • At BrickFunding we suggest that you use a single website to locate and compare the different investment opportunities offered by the multitude of platforms in the market.
    • It's the most direct way to find the real estate investment opportunities that best suit your needs.
    • Diversify your portfolio in the most efficient way with BrickFunding thanks to our listings
    • Objective rating of all platforms
    • In BrickFunding we have developed an algorithm that automatically qualifies platforms.
    • At BrickFunding we don't prioritize one platform over another.
    • Only those platforms that have contracted this service appear as highlighted on our website and we indicate this on our website.
    • If you want to know the details of how the platforms are qualified you can visit How BF rates platforms?.
    • The user searches and compares within our platform according to filter options.
    • Select the most attractive according to your interests.
    • In this field the investor has the possibility of seeing more photographs of the project and access to information such as the objective profitability, minimum investment of the project, permanence period, type of property, remaining time and location.
    • When the investor decides to invest, he clicks on the option "Go to" and is redirected to the original platform with the exposed project ready to invest within the selected platform.
    • We only list the platform projects that are integrated with our API.
    • The users are the ones who decide how they will be ordered: alphabetically, by return on investment, minimum ticket, geographically.
    • The projected returns are those indicated by the platforms themselves
    • Due to the disparity of criteria that each platform uses when showing its opportunities (there are platforms that show gross profitability, others net and some refer to the total term of the investment...), sometimes we recalculate the IRR that we show so that all the opportunities always show the net profitability and twelve months, that is to say annualized.
    • If the platform offers approximate profitability through a range (15%-20%) we take the average (17.5%) and show that only data as projected profitability.
    • In any case, we strongly recommend our users to carefully check all the details of an opportunity on their reference website before undertaking an investment.
    • Each real estate crowdfunding project listed has a direct link to the crowdfunding platform that offers it.
    • BrickFunding does not manage the projects it shows.
    • If you want more information you should contact directly with the platform that offers it.
    • Some platforms do not publicly offer their investment listings
    • At the moment, we have not been able to conclude a collaboration agreement with them.
    • We work continuously to expand the number of participating platforms.