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Sepúlveda 41

Address Barcelona (España)
IRR12,00 %
Target186.000 €
Holding Period7months
Min. investment1.000 €


Address Madrid (España)
IRR6,59 %
Target249.000 €
Holding Period12months
Min. investment50 €

The Chatsworth

Address New York (Estados Unidos)
IRR7,14 %
Target587.815,29 €
Holding Period12months
Min. investment2.122,01 €

Sagrada Familia IN

Address Barcelona (España)
IRR9,69 %
Target349.000 €
Holding Period12months
Min. investment1.000 €

Stoecklin – La Calera

Address Córdoba (Argentina)
IRR26,10 %
Target55.544,92 €
Holding Period12months
Min. investment2.524,78 €

Benlliure 32

Address València (España)
IRR9,59 %
Target139.000 €
Holding Period36months
Min. investment50 €

Seis Fontanas

Address Valle de Bravo (México)
IRR13,00 %
Target44.784 €
Holding Period18months
Min. investment1.119,60 €

Punta Esmeralda V2

Address Corregidora (México)
IRR17,00 %
Target246.312 €
Holding Period24months
Min. investment4.478,40 €

Miramont Park 54

Address Bogotá (Colombia)
IRR16,10 %
Target131.029 €
Holding Period12months
Min. investment14,15 €
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