General Information

  • IRR%: 11
  • CoC%: -
  • Minimum: 100 EUR
  • Type: lending
  • Asset: residential-single
  • Investors: 124
  • Start Date: 2018-11-24
  • End Date: 2019-11-24
  • Target: 150k EUR
  • Completed: 100%

Additional Information

  • Paupio g. 33, Užupis, Vilnius
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Lithuania

Nordstreet guarantees safe investment - without collecting the required funds until the start of the project, i.e. November 22nd all investments will be returned to the invested people back.

The object of the loan is residential buildings in Užupis, which require financing - for the purchase of buildings and reconstruction projects documentation.

The loan amount is 150,000 Eur (one hundred and fifty thousand euros).

The maturity of the loan is 12 months.

The loan return on investment is 11%.

Loans are mortgaged property - buildings with an asset value of 250,000 Eur (two hundred and fifty thousand euros).

LTV (loan-to-value) ratio of 60%.

Loan interest is repaid every month starting in 2018. In December, the loan is repaid at the end of the project when the project or objects are sold separately.

Project offered by

Nordstreet is a crowdfunding platform that radically changes real estate investment opportunities. Everyone has an opportunity to choose an RE project and inves...

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