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Real estate crowdfunding marketplace, with a historical yield of 21.88%. No fees. Minimum investment 100€. Sign up and invest:
Platform description

We have established Crowdestate to be an online real estate marketplace eliminating all three major obstacles:

  • Anybody can invest into real estate now:

We have set out minimum investment to 100 EUR.

There are no fees.

  • We provide you with carefully selected and pre-vetted projects to save your time and effort:

Real estate, business and mortgage loan investment opportunities.

We have had more than 85 projects and have raised over 37 568 660 EUR.

Crowdestate has a historical yield of 21.88%

  • And there are over 20 000 international Crowdestate investors:

Due to the regulations US government has set, the citizens of United States are the only ones who are unable to invest with us.


Other worth mentioning features on Crowdestate platform:

  • Autoinvest feature

You can set up Autoinvest and it will invest in to the projects, which will match your requirements, so you don't have to worry about missing your chance.

  • Multiple investment accounts

You can have as many investment accounts as you wish. Invest for you children, under your company's name and have one account for personal use, why not?

  • Secondary market

You can start investing by buying your first shares on our marketplace. In case you want to exit the project before it's maturity date, you can also sell your share on our marketplace.

  • Raise capital (for businesses)

In case you have a project or a business that needs funding, feel free to contact us via email [email protected] and one of our business partner will get in touch with you.


Crowdestate is changing the way we are investing into real estate!

Join us and turn your savings into earnings:

Platform details
Company name: Crowdestate OÜ
VAT number: 12595820
Country: Estonia
Year founded: 2014
Web site: Crowdestate
Main language: English
Base currency: EUR (€)
Licence: -
Address: Müürivahe 17-2
PO Box: 10140
City: Tallinn
Region/State: Harju
Country: Estonia

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