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Invest in luxury real estate and enjoy returns from the first month in USD, with no hassle
Platform description


Bricksave is a Real Estate Crowdfunding platform designed to make investing in exclusive properties around the world accessible and hassle-free.


Our process is simple: 

  1. We find great properties across the globe
  2. We create a unique company to buy and manage the property
  3. Bricksave investors own a share of the new company based on their investment
  4. Rental returns are immediately passed on to our investors
  5. We sell the property after 4 years or when the property value increases by 15%
  6. Bricksave investors receive their share of the profits


The Bricksave advantage:

  • Ongoing Management - all administration in regards to fees, recurring insurance, maintenance, etc. are taken care of by Bricksave, allowing investors a hassle-free, great value investment.
  • Due Diligence - utilising our management team’s expertise, Bricksave completes a thorough audit of the property and physically visits the location to evaluate the market value, location, quality, etc.
  • Deep Focus - we leverage our extensive network in the global real estate market to locate the best properties for investment with a focus on achieving the highest yield returns at the lowest possible risk for our crowdfunding investors.


Lear more about the process and how it works on our website

Platform details
Company name: Diversified Real Estate Asset Management Ltd
VAT number: -
Country: Great Britain
Year founded: 2016
Web site: Bricksave
Main language: English
Base currency: USD ($)
Licence: -
Address: 65 Compton Street London
PO Box: EC1V 0BN
City: London
Region/State: London
Country: Great Britain

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