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5 Benefits of Investing Through Real Estate Crowdfunding

With many people still not fully understanding why Real Estate Crowdfunding is such a popular investment and why so many people are choosing to invest into the Bricksave Platform, Bricksave COO, Sofia Gancedo takes some time to explain the 5 biggest benefits that investing through Bricksave offers to investors.

While Crowdfunding makes real estate investing easier and more accessible, it might not be as easy for people to take the jump when it comes to considering alternative investment platforms. What return should I expect? Would I lose money? Should I spread my investments? Numerous questions that are sometimes hard to answer if you don’t have visibility over each alternatives.

To help you make the right decision, here are 5 good reasons that should give you full confidence to invest in real estate crowdfunding platform such as Bricksave:

1. Accessible Real Estate Investments

Historically in order to access the most secure, low risk, real estate investments in the world's best currencies you needed to have considerable amounts of capital available. Even those people who would consider themselves ‘well off’ would normally be restricted to buying lower quality, high risk or heavily leveraged real estate.

One of the primary goals of real estate crowdfunding platforms is to democratize real estate investing and open real estate investing to the masses.

2. Investment Portfolio Diversification

Almost all financial advisors I have ever met stress that a diversified investment portfolio is the most important thing that investors should keep in mind, whether it be in stocks, bonds or real estate. This is, of course, highly accessible to professional investors and millionaires with free access to capital but much harder for smaller investors, specifically when it comes to high quality real estate, because of the amount of money required.

What crowdfunding platforms like Bricksave offer however is the chance for investors to gain access to institutional real estate for as little as U$D1,000. It is now possible for anyone to easily add real estate to their investment portfolio alongside stocks and bonds.


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