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BrickFunding Releases a New Website!

brickfunding new website

BrickFunding releases a website with more attractive functionalities for investors, as well as platforms.

“One of the objectives is to offer to the user more information about the real profitability of the real estate market in the country.”

BrickFunding, the first and only Spanish portal where the investor can search for an opportunity among all the available offers within the Real Estate Crowdfunding sector, is currently opening a new stage focused on offering better services to its users. Its founder and CEO, Juancho Arregui, says that the new website is the “result of the experience that we have gained during the past two years.” He assures that the “evolution of the project was necessary” above all for the investor who needs to meet with a more mature model for obtaining relevant information.

New Functionalities

After the first stage focused on testing the acceptance that the product receives in the market, the BrickFunding team has opted for professionalizing the project “reorienting it towards data and not as much towards marketing.” The main change is in the backend, which is the part that the user does not see but that makes up the heart of the new page.

The processes have been automatized and an API has been developed that will allow the website to integrate itself with the different platforms in real time. The objective is to be able to offer up-to-date data to inform the user about the evolution of their projects. “We want to be a reference in the sector, not only showing all the available offers, but also evaluating them and contributing value to the investor.”

The user that decides to enter BrickFunding will be able to link all their investments from different platforms on our new website. The main advantage is that the user can control and diversify their portfolio, managing it from a single space.


The idea is to incorporate all the developments in different phases. In the first stage, new functionalities oriented toward the platforms will be added to the search engine. “The first that we have done is to duplicate all that was the antique version and develop our own application that allows us to continue growing, and to carry forward all the changes that we want to make.” The founder of BrickFunding recognizes that “as we were growing, the work of managing our platform was becoming increasingly complicated.”

Its intention is "to improve the service for the user later." According to Arregui, the investors need to know more data, more information about the real profitability of the property, and in general, about the profitability of the real estate market in our country. The goal is to contribute quality, assurance, and of course, to achieve a differentiated brand that becomes a reference on a national level.

Objectives for the Medium Term

• The creation of an investment club

• To develop a system that allows for currency exchange in real time

• To create an “online community of investors” to construct with them a more modern portal that responds to their needs

• To have a private area (similar to that which Trivago has) for platforms that collaborate with the search engine

The focus of the platform is the user and we want to offer them tools that allow them to invest with the maximum information. For that we have created a pilot program called ‘BrickTesters’ where we search for investors that have already invested in crowdfunding and that want to help us develop the platform.”


In terms of the design, BrickFunding has also changed the image of its portal. “We have made adjustments considering criteria such as the usability or the readability.” Additionally, the logo has been modified slightly to adjust it to the corporate color of the website. For the moment, it will include the word beta “first so that it can be seen that we have changed and second so that the users know we are still in the development stage.”

This is the result:

brickfunding new website screenshot

Objectives for 2018

The main objective in the face of 2018 is to close the year with at least 50 crowdfunding platforms integrated on the website. The Brickfunding team works so that both the number of visits and the number of registered users continue to grow. “We are working in parallel with other financial and real estate data providers to integrate them into our system and to offer increasing amounts and better-quality information to the investor. The objective is to become the reference portal for investments in digital brick,” says Arregui.

All the predictions point to the real estate crowdfunding sector growing noticeable this year. So it is not surprising that the makers of BrickFunding are optimistic with respect to their own evolution. “Everything indicates that the current economic recovery is not anything punctual. The data show the strengthening of the cycle change. So it is not surprising that confidence has returned to the real estate sector. The growth in the number of approved homes, of closed transactions, and of mortgages granted last year also confirm this.”


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