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Juancho Arregui at Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia headquarters. photograph: Vicent Bosch

We show you below a translation of the original article published (in Spanish) by Bankia Fintech on BrickFunding:

BrickFunding brings together for the first time in a single platform all the property investment offered through crowdfudning.

The startup BrickFunding launches the first search engine of real estate crowdfunding that was born with the aim of facilitating investment in real estate from low prices anywhere in the world. This web of Madrid origin and developed in Valencia participates since September in the program of Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia and congregates all the opportunities of investment in real estate crowdfunding in a single platform.

Its founder and CEO Juancho Arregui says that "BrickFunding allows the global investor to track the international market in search of the best investments available in the main cities of the world." By means of the collective financing of projects, the investment in real estate is no longer only destined to the great fortunes, since now everybody can invest in brick from prices like 50 euros thanks to this system that many already denominate like "the democratization of the real estate market".

Since 2011, the evolution of real estate crowdfunding has been exponential. They have multiplied all kinds of platforms, have created incredible projects and thousands of people have trusted and bet by this method. The real estate crowdfunding business closed the year 2016 with more than 200 platforms dedicated to this sector and more than 3.5 billion of investments.

Real estate crowdfunding is a very fashionable sector, especially in countries like United Kingdom and the United States, and recently also is being known more and more in Spain thanks to platforms like Housers or Privalore.

But the current reality is that to invest in real estate crowdfunding anywhere in the world, you would find language barriers, currency and lack of information, while with BrickFunding you have access in a single portal to all the available offers to escape with the purpose of being able to compare between all investments, in real time and with a personalized account. In a single sentence: BrickFunding is "the Trivago" of real estate crowdfunding.

Thus, BrickFunding, part of the Spanish Association of Fintech and Insurtech (AEFI), facilitates the investment process in real estate crowdfunding, providing information and transparency to the investor so that he can make the decisions that best fit his profile.

In addition, this comparator has a powerful search engine with geographical location viewer to filter and select the best offers based on multiple parameters: profitability, city, type of property, years of permanence, minimum investment, risk profile... All this to make the road to investment in bricks easier and more accessible to everyone and in any corner of the world.


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