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weeXimmo has been founded by professionnals in private equity real estate.
Descripción de la plataforma

weeXimmo is part of Adremis group, which only focus is a private equity business targeting local and regional real-estate housing developers in France. weeXimmo is registered as a Conseiller en Investissements Participatifs by AMF (French regulator).

weeXimmo is targeting individual crowdfunding investors, while Adremis is targeting HNWI and family offices. Both platforms are complementary and can invest together via club deals. Adremis and weeXimmo together have an investment capacity of € 5 to € 10 million per year.

After managing the Real Estate Management department s of Societe Generale and 123 Venture, which is a leading small cap private equity investor, Jean-Christophe Ginet founded Adremis in early 2014 and weeXimmo mid-2015. weeXimmo started its operations mid-2016.

In 3 years of activity, Adremis and weeXimmo structured, raised and managed 25 co-investments in real estate developments, for a total amount of € 10 million; 10 operations have already been repaid.

Adremis and weeXimmo are targeting local and regional developers, who represent 30% of the new group housing market in France and whose growth is often constrained by a lack of equity.

In their activity, Adremis and weeXimmo implement some strong values: professionalism, transparency, integrity, long-term vision and client-first culture.

Detalles de la plataforma
Sitio web:weeXimmo
Idioma principal:Francés
Moneda principal:EUR (€)
Sede Central
Dirección: www.weeximmo.com
Código Postal: 92500
Provincia: Hauts--de-Seine
País: Francia

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