Withdraw Policy

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Withdraw Policy

The policy of BrickFunding (hereinafter, “BrickFunding”) consists of responding to any notices regarding the infringement of copyright and taking actions aimed at the withdrawal of the contents reported, which are effectively protected by copyright, in accordance with applicable intellectual property regulations.  Should any content protected by copyright be published on the Website and you wish for this material to be withdrawn, the holder of such copyright or an agent authorized to act on their behalf must formally notify BrickFunding in writing by sending notification to Calle Artistas, 46, 28020, Madrid (Spain) containing the following information:

1.       Request for the withdrawal of the content the copyright of which is considered infringed.

2.       Evidence of the person authorized to act on behalf of the holder of the exclusive right deemed infringed.

3.       These requests may only be sent by the holder of the copyright or an agent authorized to act on their behalf.

4.       Sufficient contact information so we can be in contact with the person appearing. A valid email address must also be included.

5.       Sufficient identifying details of the work the copyright of which has been infringed.

6.       A statement declaring that the petitioner believes in good faith that the the use of the material described in the claim has not been authorized by the holder of the copyright, their agent or the law.

7.       A statement declaring that the information contained in the notification is accurate, and, under oath, that the petitioner is authorized to act on behalf of the holder of the exclusive right allegedly infringed.

8.       It must be signed by the person authorized to act.

An electronic copy must be sent to: [email protected]

Please bear in mind that the person making the notification described will be liable for any damage (included the costs and fees of any lawyers) if they claim the information appearing on the Website is infringing their copyright. Once suitable notification of copyright infringement has been received by the agent designated by BrickFunding, it is company policy to carry out the following actions:

9.       Withdrawing or deactivating access to the allegedly infringing material.

10.   Notifying the supplier of the content reported and the reporting party that the material object of the complaint has been removed or disabled.Any content suppliers who have been subject to notification due to copyright infringement on more than 2 occasions will be removed from the system. BrickFunding will withdraw their contents and close access to these content suppliers on the Website.