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Platform Profile

You can create for free your profile, and you will be able to show to our investors the main information of your services and data of your platform; contact information, type of crowdfunding, types of investment, projects offered, etc. The more information the you complete on your profile, the better qualification you will have with our rating algorithm and as consquence you will recieve more views and more traffic and more qualify. The profile will be completed, furthermore, with our analysis, and the reviews of the users. Also the description, summary of your platform profile and projects will be translated by our automated system from/to English, Spanish and French.

With our automated system we are adding new crowdfunding platform profiles to our web, so if you si your platform is already created, you will only have to "Claim the Ownership" with your corporative email and you can update all the information by editing your profile from the Platform Manager tool. If we do not have your profile listed yet, you can register and create it from here

BrickFunding API

Once you are register in BrickFunding, you will be able to connect for free your crowdfunding website with our API and publish all you investment opportunities in our site. In order to do it, simply inject your project's information, following all the instructions in the API Documentation and you will start receiving more investors in your site. If you want it too you can also provide us your articles where we will publish them and communicate them in our website. You can start achieving more users totally for free by connecting to our API!

If you do not have IT team and you need us to develop the integration or your own API you can contact us at [email protected] and we will quote it.


Complete your profile and connect your site to our API and improve you positioning in our web. Our algorith review all your information in our site and in yours too, connecting to several external sources and taking into account the investors reviews. With all these information we generate global rating and one by country. If you want to know in detail the process, you can go to crowdfunding platforms evaluation criterias

Also you will be able to take this information and show it in your website.

Featured and Publicity

You can featured your crowdfunding platform by integrating with our API and then signing our featured service agreement. With this your platform and projects will be always on the top and highlighted with a blue border

Other options we offer is specialized publicity in our website. You can even featured more yur platform and no need for integration, when hiring these services. You can check our prices here

Consultance and Software

At BrickFunding we are experts in crowdfunding and we can help you create your own crowdfunding platform. We offer consultance services to study the viability and requirements of your project according to the country you operate and the services you want to offer. Once the business model is define we offer our software for crowdfunding platforms and advise you to obtain the licence. So if you are thinking in creating a crowdfunding platform contact us at [email protected]

If you already have a crowdfunding site, we offer you all the promoition services mentioned before and the access to our API. Also we can help you to implement new tokenizations functionalities to your projects or track the investments through our "Blockchain as a Service".

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Boost your Platform

Complete your projects in less time. BrickFunding is an excellent source of highly-qualified traffic to boost your business. With an innovative design an a intuitive navigation system, BrickFunding has incorporated the most advance technologies to provide the best service to our users and be able to show and update all offers. With this we are able to sesnd you highly-qualified traffic and better convertion rates.

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Optimize your results

Choose where you want to promote your Platform and guarantee the best return on investment. Take leverage of BrickFunding's highly-qualified traffic and acccess to investors around the world. Access to data and advace stats to optimize your Platform results take strategic decisions on your business.

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Focus on your business

Focus only in increase the quality of your projects and offer the best investment options. Forget about your country's market share. We will show all your offers to potencial customers located anywhere in the world without barriers. Que have the biggest real estate investor community world wide. Save time and money in marketing with BrickFunding.

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Your Platform and Projects always under control

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If you have any question about BrickFunding and how it works, or the business model please continue reading our FAQ section.

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But if you want to learn more about Crowdfunding we recommend you to keep reading our Blog.

If you are already a real estate developer we recommend you to check our section how it works for real estate promotors?.

And remember if you have any doubt about any word or concept, you can check our crowdfunding dictionary

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FAQs for platforms

    • Trust
    • Information
    • Internalization
    • Promotion
    • Dissemination
    • BrickFunding is the first global aggregator specialised in real estate,
    • Offering highly-qualified traffic to the platforms we list.
    • The sales opportunities generated by clicks from BrickFunding are highly segmented and direct.
    • BrickFunding is a website focused on investors, offering them information, search options and investment opportunity comparison, making it easier for these qualified investors to access your projects.
    • Platforms indexed on our website have greater visibility and a better chance of reaching a solvent audience.
    • We redirect this audience's traffic to your site, where users can become your clients.
    • In BrickFunding we have developed an algorithm that automatically qualifies platforms.
    • In BrickFunding we do not prioritize one platform over another.
    • Only those platforms that have contracted this service are highlighted on our website and we indicate this on our website.
    • If you want to know in detail the process, you can consult the following how BF rates the platforms?.
    • We only list the projects from platforms that are integrated with our API.
    • The users decides how to order them: alphabetically, by IRR, by minimum investment ticket, geographically
    • BrickFunding has its own software that collects content from the Internet.
    • We only index publicly available content, and from that information.
    • We also receive content from platforms with whom we have a collaboration agreement and decide to list their projects with us.
    • Like all search engines, we index information so that the search experience is as easy as possible for the investor.
    • Different projects are clearly marked, and the crowdfunding platform in question is shown, including a direct link to your website.
    • Whether you want to publish your investment opportunities, articles or press releases, you can do so by injecting that information into our system through our API.
    • You can consult the documentation in our API service for crowdfunding platforms.
    • Once your platform is registered in our system, from your control panel in the Platform Manager you will have access to your API key to access our API.
    • The information contained in BrickFunding is in the public domain and has been previously advertised.
    • If you still want to remove the file from your Platform please contact us and it will no longer appear in our listings.
    • No, we believe platforms and investors are bennefited by promoting their projects on the greatest number of sites possible
    • Also you will be maximising your chances of receiving qualified traffic.
    • No, whether you are one of the big crowdfunding platforms in the market or you are a newcomer, we are looking forward to working with you.
    • If you are interested in getting more qualified traffic to your investment opportunities do not hesitate to contact us.
    • It depends mainly on how many projects you have active.