General Information

  • IRR%: 4
  • CoC%: -
  • Minimum: 0 EUR
  • Type: -
  • Asset: -
  • Investors: 0
  • Start Date: 2019-01-03
  • End Date: -
  • Target: 542.08k EUR
  • Completed: 100%

Additional Information

  • Bräuhausgasse 7-9
  • Vienna
  • Vienna
  • Austria

Project PresentationThe property consists of two separate buildings with the addresses Bräuhausgasse 7-9 and Margaretenstraße 98 in the middle of the 5th district in Vienna. It is centrally located and close to all major amenities of your daily needs.The original apartment building from the Wilhelminian era was extended by a new building in 1972 and has a total rentable area of 3,740 m² spread over 16 tops (plus storage and basement rooms). Including the 43 car parking spaces, an annual net rent of approximately € 450,000 is currently being achieved. Deal HighlightsAnnual rental income of about €450.000The entire building is currently rented and generates a net rental income of €450.000 p.a. The rental income consists of commercial tenants (86%), tenants (5%) and pitch rental (9%). Among the commercial tenants is an urban transportation company with excellent credit rating and a long-term renunciation.Regular additional income - 4% p.a. distribution every 3 monthsInvestors receive quarterly distributions of 4% p.a. on their invested capital during the term. The invested capital is repaid to the investors at the end of the term.Rendity interest depositThe Rendity interest deposit serves to hedge our investors. Before the start of each project, the respective borrower has to deposit an interest-deposit in the amount of the interest of half a year on a separate escrow account. The interest deposit deposited by the borrower is subject to fiduciary custody and may be used exclusively to compensate for unpaid interest payments or missing capital repayments to the investors.Fully let by high housing requirementsThe 5th district, with a resident population of 55.356 (as of 2017), is one of the areas with the highest population density in Vienna. In 2017, 8.882 people moved into Margareten thus resulting in a positive migration balance. Although Margareten is a sought-after residential area as well as an attractive office location, the district is one of the most profitable districts close to the city center. Industry experts expect a very good letting situation in the future - especially with regard to the new underground railway expansion.Asset Management by WINEGGThe Borrower is a subsidiary of WINEGG Realitäten GmbH, a real estate developer and owner with decades of experience. The guiding principle of WINEGG: Creating lasting values for generations. WINEGG stands for good substance and best location. The WINEGG Realitäten Gesellschaft m.b.H was founded in 1998 in Vienna. Since then, the company has gained widespread recognition as a forward-looking investor, developer and quality-conscious developer. The vision of the company: Keep an eye on reality while still planning for the long term so that future generations can build their lives on a secure foundation. Since the very beginning, the company's specialties have included increasing the value of old buildings. Good substance and best location are the selection criteria.

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