General Information

  • IRR%: 21.01
  • CoC%: -
  • Minimum: 100 EUR
  • Type: Secured debt
  • Asset: M&A
  • Investors: 996
  • Start Date: 2019-01-18
  • End Date: 2023-10-01
  • Target: 1.5m EUR
  • Completed: 100%

Additional Information

  • Markalnes iela 1A, LV-1024, Riga
  • Latvia

This investment offers Crowdestate investors an opportunity to finance the buyout of 100% shares of energy production company in Latvia. Energy production plant operates a cogeneration and biomass plant that generates and sells electricity and heat in Riga city.

The purpose of the deal carried out by the Sponsor (team of energy sector professionals Janis Timma and Agris Sipkovs) is to buy out 100% shares of the energy production company from its current owners. The Sponsor is investing EUR 1,800,000 equity to fund the transaction.  Additionally, the Sponsor (through their SPV SIA Creati 1) is looking forward to raising EUR 1,500,000 additional funding from Crowdestate investors to complete the transaction.

Total interest rate per base scenario is 23% per annum: 8% per annum interest paid out quarterly, 15% per annum interest and investment principal at the end of investment period. The loan term of the Project is up to 72 months but according to the base scenario, the Sponsor will make an early repayment of the loan between 24 - 36 months. In case of the base scenario, the early repayment will take place in 36 months, and the expected return on invested capital (IRR) in that case is 21.01 % per annum.

The main exit scenario of the project, based on the free cash flow and reduced principal to Nordea bank Latvia, is refinancing Crowdestate’s investor’s loan with a new senior loan issued by the bank.

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