General Information

  • IRR%: 9.08
  • CoC%: 6.13
  • Minimum: 50 EUR
  • Type: -
  • Asset: -
  • Investors: 26
  • Start Date: 2018-05-22
  • End Date: -
  • Target: 229.39k EUR
  • Completed: 100%

Additional Information

  • 39.47792312, -0.37596685
  • Spain

Location The Carmen neighborhood is the most demanded by tourists Typology Type of property with greater demand on the current supply High profitability Capacity for up to 8 guests Views of the Torres de Serrano Directas from the balconyn Next to the River The Plaza Cisneros is located between the Plaza de la Virgen and the Torres de Serrano Pedestrian Plaza Tranquila, but with bars for morning breakfast It is a flat located in one of the most beautiful squares of Carmen, the Plaza Cisneros, next to the Palace of Cerveró and just opposite the old house Palace of the Lord of Náquera. This is a large pedestrian square, between the streets that communicate two of the most emblematic monuments of Valencia: the Torres de Serrano and the Plaza de la Virgen.

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