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We have launched a new Investment Marketplace: Brickfy

Bricfy team: Fernando Palma (COO) and Juancho Arregui (CEO)
"Brickfy, the investment platform for lbusiness and property backed loans."

Fernando Palma & Juancho Arregui

Co-founders of Brickfy

Dear friends,

It's been a long time since we published anything on the BrickFunding blog and this is because we have been working for months on a new project that, we are sure, you will love! A marketplace to invest in business loans and property backed loans. So it's a pleasure and a pride for us to present you our new investment platform: Brickfy.

You had written to us many emails asking how to invest directly in the projects we list, so over a year ago we started to look at the various legal options available to us in order to offer you this investment service. After several months of meetings with our legal team and, above all, after many more months of development and programming, today we can announce the launch of this new investment platform, Brickfy, with which you will finally be able to invest in business loans to companies and property backed loans, many of them with buyback guarantee.

We encourage everyone to sign up!


What is Brickfy?

Brickfy is a fintech platform that offers a marketplace for investing in loans. You can invest in loans to businesses and loans with mortgage collateral. Our goal is to help our users to make their savings profitable and to help them to improve their financial stability.

Brickfy is a platform of platforms, allowing investors the convenience of investing in different lending platforms from a single website and managing their portfolio in a centralised but diversified way.

Brickfy is a tool created by investors and for investors, offering

  • High returns on their savings: between 8 and 15% annual return
  • One-click access to the main crowdlending platforms
  • Time saving
  • Greater security through diversification
  • Independent risk scoring
  • Global market for loan investments

Our mission is to facilitate access to the alternative funding market, through claim assignments, making investment in P2P loans as simple, safe and efficient as possible, while offering our users the best investment experience.


Why a new website?

As you know, BrickFunding was born several years ago with the intention of offering information about the different platforms of real estate crowdfunding in the world. But to be able to offer the investment service it was necessary to create a whole new system to correctly manage each single transaction, as well as to offer a safe digital environment and an adequate legal framework for the custody of the funds. 

For all these reasons we chose to start a new project from scratch. With a new company, which is authorized as a Financial Institution by the FIU. A new management team. A new technological platform. And a new brand: Brickfy

Furthermore, for this new stage, we are expanding our range of investment products, offering not only investment in real estate crowding platforms, but also P2P Lending platforms, offering a wide range of loans to businesses with which to easily diversify your investment portfolio.


I already had a BrickFunding account, can I start investing in Brickfy?

Unfortunately not, you must sign up on the new platform and create a new account. You can do this by clicking here.

As mentioned above, the company operating the new website is regulated as a financial institution, and is supervised by the Estonian Financial Inspection Unit, and must comply with a number of legal and compliance requirements to prevent money laundering. And one of these requirements is precisely the identification of each client, known as KYC. But don't worry, it's a simple procedure, similar to the one you have to go through in order to invest in most crowdfunding platforms.

So we invite you all to sign up on the Brickfy website!


Brickfy Sign Up Promotion

Of course, we want to offer to all BrickFunding users a Welcome Promo. So if you register with this link, you will get a €5.00 welcome bonus with your first €100.00 investment and an additional 1% return on your investment for three months.



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