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BrickFunding: the platform of crowdfunding investment platforms. Summary of the year 2018.

BrickFunding Team: Esmeralda Carrere, Alfredo Díaz Araque, César navarrete, Juancho Arregui, Raúl Escudero, Fernando Alamillo, Miguel Angel Vaquero

It's time for the new year and it's time to review everything we've done over the past year and take stock. And for our part we can only say that 2018 has been a great year for BrickFunding!

We have many plans and novelties planned for this 2019 that begins. But first we want to share a quick summary of our evolution over the last twelve months and highlight the main news:

BrickFunding 2.0 A New Beginning

BrickFunding 2.0 A New Beginning

In any construction, the first row of a wall is always the most important. So that's what we did in 2018: to start from scratch, putting special care into building a solid base on which we can continue adding yarns so that, brick by brick, we can build a solid project that could grow in a sustainable way.

BrickFunding started as an idea two years ago in EOI's Go2Work incubation program and was then selected by the spanish bank Bankia to participate in the InnSomnia - Bankia Fintech program in Valencia (Spain's first fintech accelerator). There the project began to take shape and in November 2016 the company was incorporated. In April 2017 a first MVP was launched, made in WordPress and implemented in PHP, with very few functionalities but that served us to successfully validate some of the needs of our customers and users, and also to discard many hypotheses.

After three months of various tests and trials, the development of this MVP was abandoned in July, after noting that the mere aggregation of offers and that the focus solely on marketing was not enough. The project needed a much more technological, data- and investment-oriented approach.

With all this experience gained and after a few months of redefinition, it was decided to relocate the company back to Madrid from Valencia and the complete reorganization of the team, completely refounding the project in October 2017 and starting a new stage from scratch and we could call BrickFunding 2.0.

BrickFunding new website - the crowdfunding platform for investment crowdfunding platforms

February 2018: new website

A year ago by this time we were locked in the office working nonstop. And so, with dedication, passion and dedication, we developed the code base of the new project. And after four months of development the new version was published in February 2018, which not only had its own API, but was much more robust and scalable and included integration with existing APIs of the platforms and process automation. It also included the option of launching spiders to extract data from platforms that did not have APIs.

Although it still didn't include many functionalities, that preliminary version we released months ago was the first thread of the new project we are building. And so, every day we continue to add new threads, brick by brick.

Platform Manager, SAS marketing for Crowdfunding Platforms

May 2018: Platform Manager, SAS for Crowdfunding Platforms

In May 2018 a commercial version for platforms was launched, called Platform Manager: a marketing software for crowdfunding platforms with which they can optimize the result of their campaigns and maximize the return on their investment.

After an initial round of contacts, the platforms asked us for different contracting options and we also detected usability problems in the registration process. After a review of the Platform Manager in June, a new version was launched and the first Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms were registered. Since then we have been adding new crowdfunding platforms and increasing month by month our number of visits and customers. In this link the crowdfunding platforms you can contract the different plans and products we offer and list your crowdfunding platform in BrickFunding.

BrickFunding first funding round September 2018

September 2018: First funding round

In September 2018 BrickFunding closed its first round of pre-seed funding. A total of €100,000 was contributed by the founders, different FFF and the investment company Invelar, s.a. specialised in real estate investment projects.

In addition, five new partners were incorporated, who will also act as directors and advisors to the company to promote its professionalization and growth:

First prize in the Blockchain Startup Competition Connector for BrickFunding. Quino Fernández and Juancho Arregui

October 2018: First prize in the Blockchain Startup Competition of Connector

Last October, BrickFunding won the First Prize at the Blockchain Startup Competition organised by the Connector accelerator and held in Barcelona during the IOT World Congress. The event was organized by Conector Startup Accelerator and supported by technology partners Alastria and Bloomiun.

Conector was looking for startups that have blockchain as the base technology, with the prototype in the market and first metrics, with a trained team and potential for international growth. And it is a great pride for us to have received the first prize and the recognition that represents our hard work during these last months. We look forward to working with Conector to further develop our project.

Platform Manager - crowdfunding platform management software

November 2018: Platform Manager Update

Investment crowdfunding platforms continue to be our focus of attention and for this purpose, in November the Platform Manager dashboard (our specialized private area for crowdfunding platforms) was redesigned in order to offer you statistics and data with greater value. This way you will be able to consult the number of times they have been listed, the detailed views of your platform and/or projects and the traffic or number of clicks that BrickFunding has derived in the last 90 days.

With this new control panel, platforms will be able to have greater control over the repercussion and diffusion of their projects and, most importantly, compare themselves with their competitors or analyse the evolution of other platforms.

If you are a Crowdfunding Real Estate Platform and you still do not appear in our listings, you can register with us at this link: list my crowdfunding platform in BrickFunding.

BrickFunding: Information on investment crowdfunding platforms

December 2018: New platforms profile

You had asked us to show more information about investment crowdfunding platforms and we have listened to you. Since December we have completely redesigned the Platforms Tab in which we now show much more information, with special emphasis on financial information, regulation, licensing, fund management, etc.

The profile has several tabs in which each type of information is grouped: financial, general info, web presence, opinions and projects. In addition, we have developed a rating system with which we value each platform.

If you are a registered user of BrickFunding you will be able to follow your favourite platforms and receive notifications every time they publish a new investment opportunity. You can also leave comments and reviews about your investment experiences. You can register and start evaluating platforms at this link: register me as an investor in BrickFunding!

And what are the next steps for BrickFunding in 2019?

In 2019 we have different services and functionalities underway that we hope will be of interest to you and that we will advance you as they become available. In any case, we are advancing the two main lines of business in which we are working:

Tokenized crowdfunding Assets

Tokenization of crowdfunding assets

We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are already working on the development of an investment service based on the tokenization of investments in crowdfunding. As soon as we have a first version of the new platform we will inform you so that you can open your wallets and start investing in any crowdfunding platform and active crypto.

Digital REIT: a real estate crowdfunding investment fund.

We are also working to be able to offer you an investment fund that invests in the main real estate crowdfunding platforms in the world. A real estate investment company, but based on crowdfunding. A digital REIT, like the eREIT already operating in the United States. An investment option for those users who do not have time to check every investment opportunity in real estate crowdfunding and prefer the comfort and tranquility of a fund that diversifies its portfolio among the main platforms of the world.

It is not yet possible to invest through BrickFunding, but if you are interested in these proposals we recommend that you register with us and we will inform you as soon as they become available: register with BrickFunding!

Go BrickFunding!!!!!!!!



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