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Should you invest as a private person or through a company?

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This is a question that all investors ask themselves sooner or later. Ideally, it should already be decided when making an investment, but often, there is still time and a reason to think about it at a later stage. Fortunately, you can transfer your investment to a company later, but it needs to be done correctly.

The advantage of investing as a private person is its simplicity and the minimal bureaucracy involved. Therefore, new types of investment and investing platforms are at first often tried out as a private person. However, if volumes and revenues start growing, the question unfortunately arises eventually about whether investing as a private person is still sensible. This is because any interest income of a private person is immediately subject to taxation and, unfortunately, it is not possible to offset the gains and losses incurred by a crowdfunding platform. In addition, the deductibility of expenses is very limited for private persons and the risks are borne entirely by their assets. 


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