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Brickfunding received news that it has been selected to participate in Venture on the Road. A few days ago this excellent news came to our team and of course we want to share it with everyone who follows us regularly through digital media.

Our participation will take place this Wednesday, January 24 at 6 P.M. in the Auditorium of Sabadell Bank (Calle Serrano, 71) in Madrid.

We are very excited and motivated by the opportunity they have given BrickFunding to present our project which includes many innovations.

Why don’t we tell you a little more about this SeedRocket event?

Venture on the Road: Madrid 2018

BStartup from Sabadell Bank and SeedRocket continue to move around the entire geography of our country organizing events in different cities in search of attractive and productive projects embodied by Startups. Wednesday, January 24 is Madrid’s turn.

Aware of the importance of this event and especially what being selected would mean for the evolution of BrickFunding, we submitted our application a few weeks ago with the pleasant surprise of having been pre-selected!

How will this event organized by SeedRocket be developed?

All the startups selected to participate in this roadshow will obtain a direct pass to the fast track of the Campus of Entrepreneurs.

We will have the chance to present our project through a pitch which we have already prepared.

We are confident that we will get to convince and convey to the public the enormous possibilities that BrickFunding offers as an international search engine for brick and mortar investments. Additionally, we find ourselves immersed in the launch of our new project that includes a new website and applications with added value.

Once the round of expositions have been finalized, we will have a small break with the objective of promoting the network between all the startups that presented, while the panel deliberates the final decision.

Why is it important to attend Venture on the Road?

This event is a unique roadshow, designed to provide access to investors and networking in different cities.


Four startups will be selected between the winners of each city to participate in the final which will be celebrated in Barcelona.

The winner of Venture on the Road will receive:

       •3,000€ in cash

       •Participation as an invited project in the Campus of Entrepreneurs and 3 hours of counselling from SeedRocket

What is SeedRocket’s Campus of Entrepreneurs?

The Campus of Entrepreneurs is the reference formation, investment, and acceleration program for startups in the online and technology sector.

It will take place in Barcelona on the 15-18 of May.

It is known as one of the best access channels to invest in the best ICT projects at the moment.

What would it mean for Brickfunding to win in this event?

In addition to all of the awards that we previously mentioned, if we were to be selected, it would mean a direct access to an acceleration stage for BrickFunding.

The path consists of work and not losing focus of the project. It is also about locating oneself in a coworking space in which you share experiences with entrepreneurs in the same situation, taking advantage of many synergies, to make contacts that can help to obtain new clients.

During the months in which the companies are in the accelerator (either because they were startups that became winners of the Campus of Entrepreneurs, startups that were recommended by our mentors, or because they have participated in one of our Investors’ Day or in another activity that SeedRocket has conducted), they benefit from a series of activities that are very interesting for them.

At least once a month, an instructional workshop is created organized entirely depending on the needs that the projects have in that moment. Other activities are breakfasts and lunches in which successful projects and entrepreneurs or the mentor of the month participate in to tell their experiences while we eat.

Also, they regularly organize afterworks with people from the sector.

With all these data, we can only say that this pre-selection has made us very excited and that tomorrow we will give it our all in our presentation.

Juancho Arregui, CEO de BrickFunding, presenting

Juancho Arregui, CEO de BrickFunding, presenting


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