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The recuperation of the real estate sector is a reality. In 2016, after several years of crisis, investments were made in Spain for the value of 14,000 million euros. The large majority were proceeded international funds but there was a small percentage that were made through real estate crowdfunding.

Collective financing platforms allow small investors who are not accredited and who did not always have sufficient capital to acquire real estate to access this market. Thanks to these platforms and technological innovations, investments in brick have been democratized in our country.

Despite that the data are very positive, there is still much doubt about how to invest in the real estate sector through crowdfunding. BrickFunding was born with the idea to solve all these problems. Through our search engine, the investor can select the project best suited to their profile, can obtain information about the platforms and their wide range of offers, and can even know what the investment strategies that exist are.

Investing in real estate crowdfunding is easy. In this article we will explain to you how you can invest through our platform.

Steps to investing through BrickFunding

Through our portal the investor can know the available projects on the main real estate crowdfunding platforms, Spanish as well as international. You only have to enter the type of investment, the property, or the city that interests you, and in seconds you will receive a list with the offers that best fit your needs.

Our search engine allows users who want to invest their money in a real estate project to save a lot of time in the search for their objectives. Through BrickFunding, and in just a few minutes, you will get all the information you need about any project and the platform through which it is offered.

First step. The search.

Through the “projects” page, you will be able to access the real estate crowdfunding market in Spain and other countries in the world. In the filters you can indicate:

  • The investment that you want to make
  • The type of real estate
  • The country where you want to invest
  • The type of real estate crowdfunding
  • The profitability
  • The vesting period

The search engine will show a list with the projects that fit the chosen preferences.

It is also possible to search for an opportunity through the “platforms” section. In this filter, you can choose the type of real estate, the type of real estate crowdfunding, or the country.

Second step. Compare.

Once the first search has been made and a list of the most relevant projects according to your profile has been obtained, our advice is to search and compare before deciding on which real estate you want to invest in.

When any of the resulted are clicked on, you will be able to see all the related data for that project: the minimum investment required, the type of real estate, its characteristics, the profitability, the vesting period, and its location, as well as more pictures of the property.

You will also be able to access the financing platform where the project is found. Through their website you have the possibility to discover details about the platform: available projects, type of crowdfunding, share capital, etc. Currently we collaborate with 42 entities that have real estate in countries all around the world.

Third step. Invest.

After searching and evaluating all the real estate that the search engine offered you, you will be able to choose the ones that are best adapted for your profile. For that, you should click on the button/page “Go to Project's Website” that will redirect you to the original platform where the project is displayed. Once there, you can make your investment.

BrickFunding does not manage the projects they show. We are a specialized thematic search engine that has the support of important companies in the sector. Our mission is to help people locate the best investment and more efficiently diversify their portfolios.

How BrickFunding calculates the profitabilities of projects

The annual profitabilities shown on each of the properties are given by the platforms in which the projects are found. In order to unify criteria, at BrickFunding we sometimes recalculate the IRR so that the customer can always see the twelve-month net profitability.

In this way, users can make a comparison between the different properties shown on the web in a more agile and comfortable way. We also offer a crowdfunding dictionary with the most used terms in this market.

Classification of projects

This process is completed through our own algorithm. In the classification, exclusively technical criteria are taken into account, and the user decides how to organize them: alphabetically, according to profitability, investment, or location of the property. Our goal is not to prioritize projects or platforms.


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