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The first worldwide real estate crowdfunding aggregator will be launched

captura de pantalla artículo sobre brickfunding en el periódico el emprendedor de venezuela

We show you below a translation of the original article published (in Spanish) by the Venezuelan newspaper El Emprendedor about us! :

Thanks to its aggregator feature, with BrickFunding, investors from around the world can learn about the global investment opportunities in real estate Crowdfunding

Over the upcoming months, BrickFunding will be a launched. This is a platform whose objective is to help investors from all over the world find out about global real estate crowdfunding investment opportunities. These aggregators are also known as content compilers.

BrickFunding was created in Spain a few months ago, and is the first and only platform out of all the aggregators whose main objective is to promote different real estate crowdfunding campaigns around the world, to increase the number of investors who provide their support.

To make sure that it keeps growing, the company remains in constant contact with the owners of crowdfunding companies, investors and developers, in order to develop the different projects made available to the website's users. These projects are filtered to make it easier to search for investment opportunities.

"BrickFunding brings all of the real estate crowdfunding projects publicly available on the Internet together on just one website, so global investors can track the international market in search of the best investment opportunities in main cities all over the world," they state as the site's main advantage. 

This is why BrickFunding stands out from other similar sites. They aren't intermediaries, nor do they carry out financing campaigns; they merely curate the information that users receive. Moreover, they consider themselves to be a good source of website traffic for real estate businesses.

However, this crowdfunding method is not as well-known as others. This "is a real estate project financing tool which, based on the crowdfunding (collaborative financing) method, allows any user to invest in a market that, up until now, was exclusively for large capitals," they conclude.


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