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What is BrickFunding?

BrickFunding is a search engine to invest in crowdfunding Real Estate.

BrickFunding has all the public projects available on internet, in Real Estate crowdfunding; also, it provides the necessary tools allowing global investors track the international market and invest in the best opportunities.


How it works?

You only need to filter the kind of investment you are looking for, the type of property or the city where you want to invest and in one click you will have the list of the projects relevant to you. By using BrickFunding you will save time and effort, because you will search in one website all the projects among all the Real Estate crowdfunding platforms. BrickFunding simplifies the investment process in Real Estate crowdfunding, providing relevant information about the project and the platform as well as transparency.

Once you choose the projects that fit your needs we will connect you with the platform so you invest directly with them. As simple as it sounds!

What is our mission?

BrickFunding wants to help Real Estate investors to achieve their financial objectives. For us investors are the core of the business, and that is why we work hard to offer verified and relevant information on the different investment opportunities, so you can maximize your opportunities and achieve the desire bennefit.

We want to be the reference on online Real Estate investment.


Do you want to learn more?

If you have any question about BrickFunding, how it works, or the business model, we recommed to go to FAQ.

But if you want to learn more about Real Estate Crowdfunding, we highly recommend you to go and check our Blog.

And remember if you have any doubt about any word or concept mentioned in our oublications, you can go to our crowdfunding dictionary