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If you are looking funds for your project you are in the right place. At BrickFunding we can help you applying to all the platforms, consulting, and finding the Alternative Financing Platform that best suits you. These are the services we can offer you to get financing for your project:

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Don't waste time applying to a multitude of platforms and get the best financing offers in a single request. And all this for free for you. We process the information and depending on your needs and the different criteria set by each platform, we filter and select those financing options with the best fit. After this process we refer your information directly to the platforms that best suit your project so that they can send you their proposals and you can choose the best financing option.

  • Fill in the form with your project data and funding needs

  • Send your project and we will match the platforms that best fit your proposal.

  • Receive proposals from the different crowdfunding platforms

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* Service in exclusive Beta phase, for the moment, for Real Estate Developers.
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Consultancy financing Crowdfunding

You know that at BrickFunding we want to help you and we offer you all the information about each platform and we provide you with our Financing Form so that you can easily carry out the entire application process on your own. But if you have doubts about the viability of your proposal, about the best way to finance your project, or about how to continue later the negotiation with the platforms, in BrickFunding we offer our consulting service.

Let us advise you on how to improve your financing options and maximize your results!

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Who is eligible to finance your project by crowdfunding?

Real estate developers: si eres un promotor y necesitas financiación para un nuevo desarrollo urbano, una nueva promoción inmobiliaria, puedes recurrir al crowdlending para financiar tu iniciativa, ya sea como alternativa a la financiación bancaria o como un complemento a la misma. O puedes encontrar inversores que participen contigo en el proyecto mediante el equity crowdfunding. E incluso puedes llegar a vender tu proyecto inmobiliario a inversores interesados en diversificar su patrimonio mediante crowdfunding.

Entrepreneurs and Startups: if you have a disruptive business project, with a solid business model and with a great deal of experience. growth potential you can probably resort in the earliest stages to the known as FFF, family friends and fools, or if the project is more mature to business angels, or to venture capital funds. But you can also raise capital for your business adventure through collective financing platforms that will help you raise money through crowdfunding equity campaigns.

SME's if you need to obtain a loan for your company, you can also opt for crowdlending to obtain some the same conditions, and on many occasions better, than those offered by traditional bank financing.

Individuals: if you are a private individual looking for a loan, either to finance a purchase, or for an entrepreneurial project, or for a personal need, there are also numerous platforms specialized in loans between individuals, also known as p2p crowdlending or peer2peer lending.

Types of Financing

There are a multitude of online fundraising pages where you can request that your project be published in order to obtain that external funding you need. And you can do it on your own and apply to each of the different pages of crowdfunding that exist, but it is a long and tedious process. That's why in BrickFunding we put at your disposal our Financing form to save time in the process and apply simultaneously to the main ones. funding platforms to receive the best proposal. Anyway, we summarize below the different types of financing that you can choose for the execution of your project:

Bank financing

It's the traditional financing option, although probably if you're reading this it's because it's clear you don't want it.

Fondos de capotal riesgo

Si eres una startup y buscas capital para tu empresa, los fondos de capital riesgo son una de las mejores opciones. El problema es que la mayoría de los fondos sólo entran en proyectos muy maduros y con importes muy elevados.


  • Equity crowdfunding: If you prefer to give up part of your company in exchange for the funds needed to develop your business, then equity crowdfunding is your option. In the early stages of a business, debt financing can excessively weigh down the company's growth and even bankrupt it by failing to make the payments to repay the loan. Perhaps the best financing for entrepreneurs is that which is provided as capital to society and therefore does not have to be repaid. It means having to give up a percentage of the company's shares, but in exchange there is no obligation to return the principal or any interest payment.

  • Crowdlending: if you don't want to give up a part of your company, or if you simply believe that you can afford the return of the capital plus corresponding interests, then crowdlending is perfect for you. You will not lose control of your project, nor will you have to accommodate partners in your company. And, of course, it's also the right choice for individuals. In addition, although it depends on the regulations of each country, in general the funds obtained through crowdlending do not have to be paid out will be computed in the official records of bank debt and will therefore not diminish your bank borrowing capacity. You will also save on the legal and tax costs of bank loans.

  • Crypto crowdfunding:halfway between equity and lending, we find the options offered by the blockchain technology that allows us to issue tokens or digital rights over our company. Depending on the type of token you want to issue and the legislation of each country, we can also resort to this type of funding, although there are still few platforms that offer these services to third parties.

In the end one or another option will depend on your personal preferences and needs. And in the case of companies, it will depend on as well as your business model and legal conditions. In either case, we can help you find the source of the information you need. funding that best suits you. Simply fill in the form with your details and general information about your project, own funds and financing needs.

Request Financing for your project through crowdfunding

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