Información General

  • TIR%: 9.25
  • CoC%: -
  • Mínimo: 50 EUR
  • Tipo de financiación: -
  • Tipo de bien: -
  • Inversores: 0
  • Fecha de Inicio: 2018-11-26
  • Fecha de Fin: 2019-03-12
  • Objetivo: 94.5k EUR
  • Completado: 100%

Información Adicional

  • Letonia

Executive SummaryLoan TermsThe loan is used to finance the purchasing of a property.The loan will be repaid from the sale of the collateral propertyThe loan is secured with a first rank mortgage. Member of the management board of the borrower will provide a personal surety in the full mortgage amount.The borrower retains the opportunity to raise additional capital if necessary, provided that the ratio of the loan and the market value of the collateral (LTV) does not exceed 70%.The established mortgage will also cover loans of additional stages of financing.Prior to the additional stages of financing, construction supervision must confirm the completed works (if construction has commenced and works have been performed in a considerable amount) and a third party must assess the market value of the collateral.The LTV in the 1 stage is 70% and can increase to 70% in further stages.

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