Información General

  • TIR%: 16
  • CoC%: -
  • Mínimo: 100 EUR
  • Tipo de financiación: Mezzanine
  • Tipo de bien: Bridge financing
  • Inversores: 380
  • Fecha de Inicio: 2019-01-18
  • Fecha de Fin: 2019-07-13
  • Objetivo: 400k EUR
  • Completado: 100%

Información Adicional

  • Peterburi tee 19, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Estonia

This investment opportunity offers Crowdestate investors an option to finance the buyout of a co-owner from the Peterburi str 19/21 and Väike Paala 1a development project.

Vakning OÜ is an investment company looking to raise EUR 400,000 additional funding from Crowdestate investors to complete the transaction.  After the transaction, OÜ Rolegur will be the sole shareholder of Vakning OÜ and will effectively control 20% of the company (San Miguel OÜ) in charge of the Peterburi str 19/21 and Väike-Paala 1a real estate.

The estimated transactional value of the asset (land plot and development) is 4 million euros that can be converted into construction rights at a competitive price of EUR 70 per sq.m. In terms of the collateral, Crowdestate investors' risk is twice lower, meaning 2 million euros for the market value of the development (construction right EUR 35 per sq.m).

Crowdestate's investors' investments will be secured by a registered pledge on 100% shares of Vakning OÜ, set in favor of Crowdestate Collateral Agent OÜ.

This investment opportunity earns 16% annual interest, paid out on a quarterly basis. The investment term is 2 years with an investment principal to be returned at the end of investment period.

The main exit scenario of the project is a partial or full sale of construction rights, which could result in an additional  2% - 5% bonus interest payable to investors (see section “financial plan” below), effectively increasing the total interest rate to 18 - 21%.

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