Información General

  • TIR%: 12.7
  • CoC%: -
  • Mínimo: 100 EUR
  • Tipo de financiación: Secured debt
  • Tipo de bien: Residential
  • Inversores: 398
  • Fecha de Inicio: 2019-01-18
  • Fecha de Fin: 2020-06-05
  • Objetivo: 275k EUR
  • Completado: 100%

Información Adicional

  • Jaunsaules iela 1, Riga, LV-1083
  • Letonia

Botanique lofts located close to the Botanical Garden, will be a unique type of residential project - an old 3-story telecommunication building will be turned into stylish, high ceiling studio apartments perfectly suitable for students as well as expats and new families.

The construction financing of the project will be separated into 6 campaigns organized according to the construction progress. The campaigns will amount from 40,000 to 275 000 EUR each (total investment amount up to 1,115,000 EUR).

The expected return of each campaign will be 13,93 % and fixed interest rate set at 13,5%.

The total timeline of the project is expected to be 24 months - 12 months for reconstruction and 12 months for sale of apartments. 

According to the financial model, the loans would be returned and interest paid out latest by January 2020. As the Sponsor is obliged to return 70% of sales revenues to Crowdestate investors, the actual loan period may turn out to be shorter.

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