Información General

  • TIR%: 16.01
  • CoC%: -
  • Mínimo: 100 EUR
  • Tipo de financiación: Secured debt
  • Tipo de bien: Investment
  • Inversores: 1.13k
  • Fecha de Inicio: 2019-01-18
  • Fecha de Fin: 2019-05-31
  • Objetivo: 1.45m EUR
  • Completado: 100%

Información Adicional

  • Estonia

Crowdstate investors successfully funded the Sponsor, Baltic Forect OÜ, first project on March 21, 2018  with an investment loan of EUR 500,000. The aim of the project was to build Paikuse the most efficient sawmill in the Baltics, and the funds involved from investors were used to complete the investment needed to start production.

The current developments for the project presented in March are as follows (for a better view, see the file attached 'before: afterä, there are pictures March vs. Today):

  • The log sorting line has been launched, tested and the device is in active operation. Commenced with the purchase of logs, which has been adopted to date, RMK has been measuring and storing about 7,000 tm on a sieter line.
  • The planned expansion and renovation work of the saw hall is on schedule.
  • The renovation and installation of the sawline and board assortment is about a week down the schedule, but no significant obstacle or problem has occurred.

For now, the company has invested about 10 million euros in fixed assets, of which approximately 60% (5.9 million euros) is financed by the owners (incl. Owner-owned companies and share capital), approximately 2.2 million euros, Unicredit Liising, ca 0.4 million euros from the Rural Development Foundation (MES), and for the rest by third parties.

Regarding to this project, the Sponsor wants to refinance third party loans at an interest rate of 25% per annum, thereby improving the company's profitability. The Sponsor would like to involve capital from investors of min EUR 950 000 (goal: EUR 1 450 000) for 12 months, with an expected return of 16.01% and a 15% interest rate per year.

Interest payments are made from the 3rd month following the issue of the loan, and the principal is paid as a one-time payment at the end date of the loan.

To protect the investors, the second mortgage (first priority is Unicredit in the amount of 1.95 million euros) will be set aside for the industrial estate and there's owner's guarantee in the loan amount as well (for the benefit of Crowdstate Collateral Agent OÜ).

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