8 rasgos de los inversores exitosos en el mercado inmobiliario

8 traits of successful investors in the real estate market

Take a few minutes to think about the successful people you know, not only financially, but also those people who embody personal success in all aspects of their lives. Think about the characteristics that each of them possess and how these characteristics have fueled their achievements in their particular field. In recent years, I have been in contact with a good number of investors, both directly and indirectly, many of them successful in what they undertake. These people have not […]

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"Inverspot arises from the need to create an intermediary portal between investors and developers"

“Inverspot arises from the need to create an intermediary portal between investors and developers”

Inverspot is a Mexican platform that seeks to form groups of people interested in investing in real estate developments in order to obtain attractive returns. In addition, they offer you a guarantee of the full return of your invested capital when you request it without penalties, but without utility. You can invest starting from 100,000 pesos in construction projects with the guarantee of the property. Its founder and director, David Agmon, tells us a bit more about this Mexican platform.

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6 + 1 words you should know before investing in real estate crowdfunding

Real Estate Crowdfunding Projects These projects are investment opportunities in real estate offered by real estate crowdfunding platforms and financed collectively by different investors. Through the page, you can find a great variety of real estate offers. For example, you can invest in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and more countries, and get returns from 3% to more than 25%.   Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms Real estate crowdfunding platforms are companies that are responsible for showing investment opportunities in […]

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"BrickFunding surge de la conjunción de ladrillo, inversión y nuevas tecnologías"

“BrickFunding arises from the combination of brick, investment and new technologies”

Interview published in El Referente. BrickFunding is a search engine for investment opportunities in real estate crowdfunding founded in 2016 by Juancho Arregui. The platform adds on a portal all publicly available real estate crowdfunding projects, allowing a global investor to track the international market in search of the best investments in the major cites in the world. They currently operate in Spain, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, UK, and France, and have 200 users. BrickFunding started at the School of Industrial […]

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Chile: Así son las plataformas de crowdfunding inmobiliario

Chile: Real estate crowdfunding platforms

There are platforms for all tastes. Platforms where you can invest from few amounts, others where you will need a great investment. Platforms with high returns, others with less. Platforms where the return arrives in a few months, others where you will have to wait a year, two, three… In BrickFunding, we take care of offering you all the possibilities that this business covers so that you can choose the investment that suits you. Throughout the world, there are more than […]

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