Passionate about bricks

Meet us and know our mission


What is our mission?

At BrickFunding, we strongly believe in new state-of-art ways of online real estate investment. Bricks are our passion and new technologies our reason for living.

Our mission is to show and sort in a web all kinds of existing online ways to invest in real estate. And, of course, offer you verified and qualified information about different investment opportunities, so you can invest in bricks maximizating your possibilities to obtain profits.



Our history

Brick by brick we built this new and exciting project.

We started at mid 2016 in Escuela de Organización Industrial, based on Madrid, with its incubator program G02Work as a small idea.

Later on, in 2017, we were enrolled in Insomnia startups accelerator, Fintech based and founded by Bankia. There we created our first MVP and started testing our project.

With the acquired experience, near end of 2017 we re-create the project and started a new path back to Madrid, with a new team, a new development, and a more technological and data-based focus.


Our Principles


Transparency is essential in all business and for that reason we want to show you all available information of every investment and of every platform. And, of course, about us too.


We beleive in talent and well done work. Every day we do our best to show you information about available investment opportunities, with maximum rigour and professionalism.


The first step to achieve offering you quality information is independence. And, for that reason, we neither participate nor have economic interest in any platform listed.

About Us

Who we are