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The marketplace for crowdinvesting

BrickFunding: the platform of platforms in crowdinvesting


Our mission is to provide you with contrasted and quality information about the different investment opportunities in crowdfunding.And, of course, to show and arrange in a single website all the different online alternative investment options, so that you can invest maximizing your chances of obtaining profits.

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We are the platform specialized in crowdfunding investments (equity, lending and crypto). And we want to become the market place specialized in crowdinvesting, in which you can operate in all other platforms from a single site through the tokenization of assets.


The boom of Alternative Investment has brought about the appearance of a huge number of crowdfunding investment companies through platforms for equity crowdfunding, crowdlending, crypto crowdfunding by means of utility tokens or security tokens, or direct investment, regulated or not, in fiat currency or through cryptocurrency.

On one hand, the investors find a very fragmented market, generally with platforms of a local nature, with few products and very different admission requirements for each one, that on occasion prevent investments from foreign investors. All this makes it very difficult for investors, not only to distinguish and value the best opportunities but also to access those, which prevents them from optimizing and diversifying their portfolios. Additionally, all of this must be added to the lack of liquidity that most of these alternative investments have and that makes investors reluctant to these investments due to the absence of a secondary market to provide them liquidity.

On the other hand, the platforms have difficulties with internationalization due to language barriers, the type of currency, and the different regulations, and additionally, it takes a lot of time, effort, and money in distribution and communication to explain their products, as well as in marketing to obtain quality investors, and also promoters looking for funding, on their websites.

And finally, the entrepreneurs and developers who are looking for funding find with the difficulty to find, compare and know the different platforms available, as there is no aggregator that gives them the opportunity to find the cheapest option for funding.

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The solution is a global market place for alternative investments. A platform where investors, crowdfunding platforms and those who are looking for funding can meet each other. A platform of platforms that, thanks to deep integration with each of the platforms, and to the tokenization of assets and traceability offered by blockchain technology, allows the creation of a secondary market for alternative assets

So, we have the three puzzle pieces that conform the alternative financing. From the one side, developers or startups looking for funding, or simply consumers who need a loan, can easily from a single website apply and manage their applications and get the most advantageous conditions.If you are a developer, check our services here if you are looking for funding.

n the other side, BrickFunding helps the platforms to have greater exposure and dissemination of their opportunities, becoming an international sales channel, acting as a reseller, and also referring to the platform investors and clients. In addition, we offer the platforms the possibility to be part of our DLT network, becoming a node, providing them with an extra layer of security and liquidity for their users. If you are a crowdfunding platform, check here our services for crowdfunding platforms.

And finally, BrickFunding helps investors find and select the best investment platforms and opportunities by providing them with information, ratings and opinions on a single website.

Subsequently, we will offer the possibility to invest directly through our platform and manage your portfolio centrally. Most importantly, through asset accounting, we offer investors liquidity by easily reselling their assets in our secondary market. If you are an investor, check here the services we offer investors.

Our Team

Our Values


Transparency is essential in business and that is why we want to show you all the information available for each investment and each platform. And, of course, about us too.


We believe in talent and a job well done. Every day we make every effort to provide you with information on available investments, with the utmost rigour and professionalism.


The first step in being able to offer you quality information is to be independent. And that is why we are not involved or have any economic interest in any of the platforms we list.

Our history

Brick by brick we have been building this new and promising project.

We started in mid 2016 at the Escuela de Organización Industrial in Madrid, as part of its Go2Work incubation program.

Later, in early 2017, we became part of the Bankia Fintech by InnSomnia program and there we performed our first MVP and were able to begin testing the project.

With the experience acquired, in 2018 the project was recast and began its new journey back to Madrid, with a new team, a new development and a much more technological and data-oriented approach.



BrickFunding 3.0: once the current marketing model has been validated, the time has come to begin the next stage. Of course, we want to continue consolidating and developing the current platform and the marketing model, that is the foundation of our future growth. But simultaneously we want to continue moving towards a model of intermediation in investment through the tokenization of assets, to become a B2B2C investment business model, thanks to blockchain and DLT technologies. In this way, BrickFunding will become a market place specialized in crowdfunding investments through tokenization of assets. A platform of platforms specialized in online crowdfunding investments (equity, lending, and crypto) that allows you to operate on all the platforms from a single website.

In order to do so, we have begun the process of obtaining a license as a financial institution and we have begun the development and implementation of our DLT network. We also obtained the first prize in the BlockChain Startup Competition, organized by Conector. And recently we have been selected to participate in its acceleration program.

  • BrickFunding Whitepaper

  • Business incubation at Go2Work

  • Whitepaper: "BrickFunding as an investment fund through tokenizing assets with blockchain."

  • Winner of Conector blockchain contest

Q2 2019
  • Start of accelerator program of Conector

  • API release

Q3 2019
  • Company incormporation in Estonia

  • MVP BrickFunding Fund

  • Deployment of our own DLT network

Q4 2019
  • Granting of financial licences

  • Asset Tokenization process

Q1 2020
  • Tokenized Investment Fund

  • Portfolop Management

  • Seconday Market

FAQ's sobre BrickFunding:

    • BrickFunding es un buscador de oportunidades de inversión en crowdfunding.
    • BrickFunding agrupa en un solo portal todos los proyectos de crowdfunding disponibles públicamente en internet.
    • BrickFunding permite a cualquier inversor rastrear el mercado internacional en busca de las mejores oportunidades de inversión en las principales ciudades del mundo.
    • No, BrickFunding no es una plataforma de crowdfunding.
    • No vendemos participaciones de los desarrollos inmobiliarios de los que informamos.
    • Tampoco intermediamos entre promotores e inversores
    • Al momento, no estamos regulados por la ley española 24/1988 de 28 de julio financiación del mercado de valores que rige las PFP.
    • BrickFunding es sencillamente un motor de búsqueda vertical especializado en crowdfunding.
    • No, por el momento no somos una Empresa de Servicios de Inversión.
    • No vendemos participaciones en las oportunidades de inversión en crowdfunding inmobiliario que informamos
    • No intermediamos en las operaciones, ni tampoco ofrecemos asesoramiento financiero a nuestros usuarios.
    • No somos una ESI y no tenemos obligación alguna de estar autorizados por la CNMV ni ningún otro organismo.
    • Aunque estamos en proceso de obtener una licencia como Institución Financiera y lo anunciaremos una vez obtengamos la licencia.
    • No, aunque estamos especializados en el sector inmobiliario no vendemos propiedades.
    • BrickFunding es un buscador temático especializado en crowdfunding.
    • BrickFunding cuenta con el apoyo de las más importantes empresas de crowdfunding inmobiliario
    • BrickFunding ayuda a los inversores a localizar las mejores ofertas de inversión en crowdfunding inmobiliario en todo el mundo.
    • Una parte importante de nuestros datos nos los proporcionan las propias plataformas
    • Como otros buscadores y agregadores, además recogemos nuestra información de la red
    • Los datos los calculamos según la información pública que ofrecen las distintas plataformas que listamos.
    • Intentamos que la información de los distintos proyectos sea lo más exacta y actualizada, pero, por supuesto, podemos cometer algún error. En ese caso, te agradeceríamos que nos enviaras tus comentarios si encuentras algún error a [email protected].
    • En BrickFunding ofrecemos a nuestros clientes diferentes posibilidades de colaboración.
    • Nosotros no hacemos la gestión de la inversión, simplemente ofrecemos un tráfico de calidad.
    • Además de estas colaboraciones y como muestra de fidelidad a nuestros clientes la difusión en nuestras RRSS y Blog están a la disposición de contenido personalizado.