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About us

Louis Kahn said, "even a brick wants to be something." We also firmly believe in trying to reach maximum potential and development, and we know that large projects are based on many different bricks, laid row-by-row. Indeed, this philosophy is the foundation of crowdfunding.This is how BrickFunding was born, an exciting project that aggregates the entire real estate crowdfunding supply available on one single platform. Real estate is our passion. With this new website, we seek to offer real estate investors transparency and information. We want to help you seek out opportunities, so that each investment, each brick, is something.

About us
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Our history

We were born in Madrid, Valencia took us in, and the world is our market. To extend our reach all over the planet, first we had to cultivate our idea at the EOI Business School, with its Go2work programme. In November 2016, we joined the business accelerator InnSomnia, specialised in Fintech and financed by Bankia, where we are working today.

Every day and brick-by-brick, we are building this new, promising project.


At Brickfunding we firmly believe in the power of information and the collaborative economy’s ability to transform.

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BrickFunding’s mission is to offer you contrasted, quality information on different investment opportunities, so that you can make a real estate investment and maximize your possibilities of earning a profit.

We want to transform the real estate crowdfunding sector, providing information, transparency and comfort for the investor. Furthermore, we want to help said investor to comfortably optimise and diversify their portfolio.

About you

If you’re reading this, you must be an intrepid individual, passionate about real estate and with a desire to grow. Someone who doesn’t settle for the first offer they come across. An individual willing to compare and select the opportunity that best adapts to the times. If you feel identified, we would like to invite you to stay up to date on real estate crowdfunding news on our website, our #BrickBlog and on social networks. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter and we will keep you fully informed, helping you to make the best real estate investment decisions.

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